Electric Raspberry


  • One of the best feelings that I can think of is that of a first kiss with a new crush. When you feel the air turn thick between the two of you, and you may as well be facing a wind tunnel. How then, suddenly, the air shifts directions and it seems impossible not to pull directly into that person, like magnets. First kisses with new crushes come on picnic blankets and on long walks. Afterwards you go home and fall onto your comforter with a smile you can’t shake, no matter how hard you try to maintain composure. Your cheeks turn hot and tingle with electric pulses. How, in that moment, there is only possibility with that person. Nothing has been corrupted and no one is hurt. There are only dreams of future secret kisses and you remember the way their hair smells, or how soft their t-shirt was. That’s the moment where the song you’re listening to will become a keepsake box for that memory, and when you play it you feel them with you. That’s the song you’ll hate when things don’t work out, but in that moment you’ll love it as though it’s always been your favorite. Too many people are sad when they aren’t in a relationship. They forget about the promise of new crush kisses.