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  • deepinsummerseye

    Hello, love. In truth, at times our hearts will point us in the direction of people and things that aren’t necessarily completely “available”. Sometimes two people can have massive amounts of endless love for each other, but circumstances inevitably keep them apart. True, you could certainly attempt a long-distance arrangement—but it is a well-known fact that long-distance relationships don’t always survive the test of collegiate life. Although it’s difficult, sometimes the adult thing to do is to infuse those heartfelt impulses with a heavy dose of mindful thinking. While he’s in college he’ll be trying to acclimate to new surroundings, establish himself into a different social circle, keep up with a heavy workload, etc. etc.. Currently, your dynamic is sort of in this “sweet spot” of lustfulness. Perhaps it’s true that you both still hold strong feelings for one another…but sometimes timing really IS everything. Here is the best advice I can give: hold him in your heart, keep in touch, remain close. Be his FRIEND (for now) and see what happens. Instead of hastily trying to stitch your relationship back together before he leaves, leave it AS IS. Let him go away for that first semester and acclimate to his new life. Then, after he feels a little more secure, wait and see if the sparks still fly. HE will have a better idea of what kind of commitments he can make, AFTER he finds his footing there. Hope everything works out! xo

  • Anonymous

    Like you, and many others, I first read The Giver in middle school. For me, at that particular time, the book was unique in that it was very different from any other book I’d read in school. Typically, required reading left me very very bored. I always found required reading books to be outdated and they often failed to touch on any sort of feeling or thought that resonated with me. I love reading and happily did so in my spare time, but I never felt gripped by any storyline I was forced to endure for class. It wasn’t until The Giver that I was genuinely excited to read a book for school and to share my thoughts in discussion with my peers. Largely, I believe that is the reason why I’m partial to the book. However, I do feel that the story is just really well written. It’s enjoyable and to be honest feels almost mystery-like as oppose to sic-fi. What saddens me is that the film adaption could not be farther from what I imagined when reading the book. In my head, the world within The Giver was much more traditional and simple, not as space-aged and modern as it is portrayed on screen. I’m irritated that Jonas in the authentic story is 11, whereas the actor playing Jonas in the film adaption is 24…It seems to me that the plot and aesthetic were tweaked to attract more filmgoers. I’m saddened to think that this newer interpretation may forever change the idea of the original book.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm…I definitely believe that ready-to-wear clothing is taking a really exciting turn toward bold statement pieces that are a little more “high fashion” in their structuring. I think we’ll see a lot more girls walking down the street in edgy, tailored pieces as oppose to a focus on graphic design (which I feel has been very popular for years now). Oversized sweaters are going to be huge this fall/winter, and I think knitwear is going to see a rebirth this year as well. Celine had these incredible knit flares paired with dramatic oversized sweaters on the runway for their ready-to-wear fw ‘14 line. I think everyday girls are beginning to embrace and celebrate their eccentricities more and more—and we see that through the playful pieces becoming more available through online retailers and now in stores as well. Lucite jewelry, playful eyewear, daring silhouettes… I think texture is going to outweigh graphic design this fall as well. I’m predicting a lot of knits paired with thermals, faux furs, etc. Imagine Natalie Portman’s dance wear in Black Swan meets a winter weekend in a cozy cabin. Untamed hair, fresh-faced makeup. Layers layers layers. I’m really feeling velvet and velour as well. Invest in a great big clutch (American Apparel sells some cool basic ones in a wide range of colors)—I think massive handbags are taking their leave. 60s and 90s are where it’s at—these two decade trends are going to stick around for a while. ;]

  • Anonymous

    Obsessive movie-watching. Reading. Writing compulsively. Baking and cooking. Doodling. Is drinking coffee a hobby? Drinking coffee. I really love collaging and journaling. I used to love photography and dance as well—though I haven’t really dabbled in either since high school. List making. Ice cream eating.