Electric Raspberry


  • Guys, if we support one another and focus on our goal, we can remain strong the next three and a half months until Halloween.

  • laurenfrose

    Thank you so much! The experience has definitely been nerve-wracking, as I am very close to my parents and love them dearly. There have definitely been some tear-jerking phone calls made over the past 24 hours, but already I feel so changed in a positive way! I’m very excited for this next chapter in my life and I feel lucky to have the additional encouragement and enthusiasm from those of you who subscribe to/follow my blog. :] 

  • Sorry for the lack of posts recently! My family has been navigating a tremendous transition, with my parents moving somewhere new, and my sister and I hunting for our first apartment together! It’s been absolute chaos packing boxes, dividing up appliances, etc. etc. But I will resume to normal posting after I’m better settled. I woke up in my new apartment for the first time this morning. I’ve slept in the same winged eyeliner the past two nights straight, my mattress is bare, and all I have stocked in our fridge is pink lemonade, hummus, & ice cream. However, I’ve got the coffee maker working and my sister got our internet hooked up! Tiny successes in this new adventure!

  • Anonymous

    I like both—but I’ve been raised owning dogs. I had three German Shepherds growing up, then a rescued mixed-breed pup, and now two small dogs. I LOVE Huskies. However, I do really like kitties, and my own personality may be more similar to that of a cat.

  • Anonymous

    Hi! Because your hair is nearly black, I strongly urge you to save up some cash and visit a professional hair stylist. When your hair is as dark as mine or yours, it is very tricky to dye at home. There is a lot of messing around with toners—because everyone’s hair has a base that will dictate your overall color. You don’t want to use a boxed dye and end up with a greenish or rusty hue. That aside, I LOVE playing around with my hair color—I’ve been dying my hair since I was 11. Definitely try something new (after you’ve consulted with a licensed stylist). If you’re looking for something that appears natural, I would suggest maybe lifting your color into the medium/light brown level and perhaps highlighting with an even lighter brown or very dark blonde. If you’re aiming for something a little more fun, then maybe weave a bunch of dark purple or blue into your already dark hair. With the right technique, your hair will sort of change colors in the sunlight, but appear mostly black up close. Hope this helps! Good luck!