Electric Raspberry


  • Anonymous

    If anything I’m probably a friend without benefits. I always order dessert and I have to pee like, once every hour. Who has time for that?

  • Anonymous

    Hi love! Honestly, I’m just a naturally organized person. I’ve always been really obsessive regarding organization and time management. I think the best tool I have for prioritizing and organizing is probably to-do list making. I like to write out a list every morning of things I need to accomplish during the day, and I list them in order of priority and time-sensitivity. For instance, if I know that I want to go out with friends later in the day, and I simultaneously know that I have a project I need completed that same day, I’ll list the project early in the morning, so that I have a goal to have it completed by the time I want to leave later. Otherwise, I won’t allow myself to leave. I’ll turn the favorable activity into a reward, contingent on the completion of the less-favorable activity. Sounds really lame, but it totally works.

  • Anonymous

    How you interact post-breakup has everything to do with how you parted ways initially. Was it mutual? Did one of you break up with the other? Good terms or bad terms? What helps me after a breakup is clearing my space of any reminders of my ex. I delete all of the photos (or pack them away). I remove any trinkets, mix CDs, notes, etc. from my living space, and I take complete ownership of my life again. I’m actually a lone wolf who much prefers being single. Rarely am I in a committed relationship—solely because I enjoy time spent alone, running through life at whatever pace I choose, without worrying that I have someone else along on my journey. I would advise you to spend time with friends, do a tangible activity that you love (draw, paint, write, hike, go to the beach, lay in the sunshine). Fall in love with yourself, and learn about the person you are today, post-breakup. With every relationship we find ourselves changed a little. It could be in a small way or a big way. Maybe you feel mature for addressing a difficult situation, or you feel heartbroken but stronger now-because you’ve truly felt a connection with another person. Whatever the cause of your breakup, I think it’s important to accept that it has ended, and to focus solely on yourself now. Get out, smile, and remember all that you loved about your life before you began dating this person. You may discover entirely new things to fall in love with, now that there’s a little bit of extra space in your head and in your heart. xo

  • luvlacey

    A good meal to put in the menu rotation for dinner is veggie stir-fry, with broccoli, carrots, brown onion, zucchini, yellow squash, and  garlic, plated on top of brown rice or soba noodles (Lot’s of veggies, and soba noodles are a great source of protein). Tacos made from soft corn tortillas with pinto beans or vegetarian refried beans, salsa, diced onion, cilantro, & lime juice. Homemade pizza on whole wheat pita bread. Quick and easy grilled veggie & hummus sandwich with pesto. A baked potato can be topped a ton of ways and is a great back-up plan if you’re in a pinch. Aloo Matar & Chana Masala with Naan is a personal favorite of mine. Indian food in general is my absolute favorite. I love cooking and feel very comfortable experimenting in the kitchen. If you’re trying to ease your way into vegetarianism, there are lot’s of recipes available online. Pinterest is a fantastic resource :]