Electric Raspberry


  • This is so perfect and so true.

    This is so perfect and so true.

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    Ah! Awesome compliment. Thank you! I love Lana. I feel a kindred spirit-type connection with her. Black Beauty is such a great song. Though, of course, I expect nothing less from her.

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    You’ve asked exactly the right person—because I consider myself to be a tremendous wholesome-fun dork. I don’t drink, I’ve never smoked, etc. etc… I think the first thing to consider is WHY do you feel drawn to dangerous habits? Why is it that you’re turning to drugs and alcohol for fulfillment as opposed to other options? Dig deep and reevaluate your morals and priorities. Try this exercise- pretend these substances/activities do not exist. Remove them from your list of options. NOW, what sounds fun? Did you used to enjoy hiking? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to become a better skilled cook. Think about other things you’ve enjoyed in the past, then revisit them. Lastly, and this may be tough, but take a good hard look at the company you keep. I realize this is a bit difficult, because friends are friends and we all have our imperfections. But maybe try to spend a little more time with your friends who’s lifestyles you admire. Take their good habits and adapt them into your own life. Instead of partaking in the “dangerous habits” you’ve been hooked on, take a moment to change directions—invite some of your healthy-living friends out to a movie, or over to your place to make homemade pizza. Look for inspiration in art. Bare in mind that life is a gift. Reminding yourself of that every day may help to keep you on the straight and narrow. I hope this helps you a little. You can do it! :]