Electric Raspberry


  • Anonymous

    I’ve been eating Indian food since I was a kid. I was in no way a picky eater as a child, so I had zero qualms about eating the food my parents often brought home from a tiny local Indian restaurant. There isn’t much rhyme or reason as to why I love it, I just find it delicious. It’s fragrant, yet spicy— I love spicy food. Additionally, Indian food has a variety of vegetarian options, which is awesome :]

  • therecklessdeer

    This is the best kind of compliment.

    Thank you so much xo

  • Anonymous

    I’m so sorry your heart is hurting. It’s an unfortunate reality that people  say unkind things to each-other and cause one another pain. Whether he intended to hurt your feelings, or did so accidentally is beside the point. When you’re broken-hearted, that pain is authentic. I would first advise you to cry. It may seem like a ridiculous suggestion, but bottling up all of that negative energy will hinder you from grieving properly. Cry until your pillow is stained with tears, and until your throat aches. Don’t worry about reddish eyes or mascara-stained cheeks. Allow yourself to fall apart, because only then will you feel strong enough to pull yourself back together.

    After you feel you’ve released some of that negativity, I suggest spending as much time as possible with friends you love most. Cherish your friendships, laugh together, support each-other. Allow the other relationships in your life to remind you of the person you were before you felt so hurt. Comfort yourself— watch a film you love, eat a pint of your favorite ice cream, treat yourself to some new books or magazines. Be your own best company. Let yourself off the hook. You’re ALLOWED to feel upset! You’re entitled to lounge around in yoga pants for a few days and order a pizza for yourself. Society is quick to tell people to hide their emotions. Sometimes the strongest thing you can do when you’re feeling sad, is to face your sadness and indulge yourself. Searching for distractions and feigning a smile is not the answer.

    Cut yourself a little slack and I promise things will get better over time. xo

  • Anonymous

    This is such a sweet message, but I’d like to be honest in saying that my life is certainly far from perfect. I share the best bits with all of you, but I’ve definitely seen my share of sadness, unhappiness, and tragedy. What makes me a “fun & happy person” is the effort I put forth in seeking out the silver lining in every situation. Through that mentality, I’m a happier person :] I’ve made peace with what I know to be the most important and fulfilling qualities of life, and I celebrate those aspects as much as I can.